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You can Achieve Awesome Drone Footage with these Tips

 photography in Perth real estate drone

Courtesy – dji

It’s always a great feeling on owning a drone. Having a drone helps you capture videos and pictures that cannot be captured even with the most expensive DSLR or mirrorless cameras. If you wish to achieve awesome drone footage, here are a few tips that will help you.

  1. Check the Drone – Before you start flying your drone, consider doing an inspection. Ensure there is a connection between the controller and your smartphone. Ensure the propellers don’t have scratches and are fitted in their respective positions. Make sure to calibrate the drone helping your drone to avoid losing signal connection while also staying stable in the air.
  2. Check the Frame Rate – 24fps is considered ideal for cinematic shots. Another option is 30fps however, this frame rate is usually considered for TV shows. When it comes to capturing fast-moving objects like a car or bike, then you should be considered 60fps or 120fps at 1080p.
  3. Check the Light – You always want light when it comes to capturing a video or photo. The best times to fly your drone is during early sunrise or sunset in order to get cinematic shots. Avoid flying the drone late at night or afternoon.
  4. Check to Add Filters – Drone cameras are not in the same league as the DSLR. Moreover, it isn’t necessary to add filters but many professional drone pilots do add filters on the drone’s camera. Adding filters offers different contrast, colors, saturation etc.

Use these tips to capture the best real estate drone photography in Perth.