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Why Scaled Agile Academy Training?

For many years, bigger businesses have been fighting with implementing Agile for bigger development efforts. Scaled Agile Academy has resigned to fix this issue with a business proved means to scale Agile methodology for growth. YOu can get more information about the certified SAFe training online.

The SAFe frame is developed constantly and is very likely to remain among those typical frameworks for scaled-up agile for several decades. Agilest is seasoned with a proponent of scaling Agile. We provide several different SAFe certificates from the Scaled Agile Academy. 

The Scaled Agile Framework certificates we provide will be the Advanced Scrum Master certificate instruction, the Leading SAFe® SA certificate instruction, the SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner SPMPO certificate, as well as also the SAFe® for Teams certification coaching for development teams.

Advanced Scrum Master

The Advanced Scrum Master was made to progress Scrum Masters having an understanding of how to utilize scaling for bigger enterprise jobs. The practice goes deeper than Scrum and provides a synopsis of Kanban, along with other practices required for large-scale improvement.

Leading SAFe

The top SAFe SA certificate training is intended for individuals leading a SAFe implementation. This training is meant to assist supervisors and other staff leaders in construction and direct a SAFe discharge train.

SAFe for Teams

The SAFe for Teams coaching is intended to give team programmers and testers an understanding of their function within a scaled-up agile development endeavor. The SAFe for Teams coaching also provides an SP, SAFe Practitioner certificate.