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Why Do You Need A Sit Stand Desk ?

Have you been finding yourself feeling like your workstation and office chair are lower than your fellow coworkers as of late? There is quite possibly a reasonable explanation for this, as a new unique form of seating has quickly emerged into more workspaces with its growing popularity. 

This new wave of ergonomic seating is known as sit-stand seating. What once began as a trend in industrial workplaces with assembly or production lines where workers are required to stand for multiple hours throughout the day has now been making its way into more traditional offices, where employees are required to sit for the majority of their workday.

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A sit-stand desk enables the user to relieve stress when standing for long durations of time. With its small footprint, this stool takes up a limited amount of space making it a viable option for those that have a small office space to work with or spaces where employees work within close proximity of one another. 

These stools are designed to allow the user to lean back against while standing when they need a break or to sit on when their legs become fatigued. They are armless and come with stationary rubber glides to keep the chair in place when the user leans back.

Sit-stand desks are best used at extended height workstations or sit-stand stools where workers have the option to sit or stand throughout the day. By making it possible to both sit and stand while working, you are then able to gain much more movement and variation throughout the day thereby creating a healthier work environment.

 This additional movement relieves aching muscles and changes the focus from feeling uncomfortable in an office chair to what should be your main focus, your work! Key benefits of using these specialized stools include better health by pressure relief on the spine and pelvic area, higher energy levels, improved work comfort, higher productivity, better blood circulation, and stronger muscles.