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What’s The Difference Between WSET And Sommelier Schools?

WSET classes are sometimes marketed as' sommelier' classes by schools. However, you can still take WSET classes up to Diploma Level 4 and pass with Distinction. but you won't become a Sommier. You can enroll yourself in different wset certifications to make a career in wine Education.

wset certification

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WSET is the "Gold Standard" in wine and spirits education and is currently working hard to include beer and sake to this list. It's so trendy to be a wine and spirits educator that the WSET title has been temporarily replaced by the "sommelier" celebrity title . 

There are also other programs for wine education, Each program offers a unique learning experience and focuses on a specific area of the wonderful world of wine.

Hospitality is the core of a sommelier’s job. While they will be part of our culture for the foreseeable future, their popularity will fluctuate with current trends. The pandemic has so seriously hampered the profession of sommeliers that many are now wondering if they will ever be able to regain their viability as restaurateurs. 

This is a difficult time for restaurants on many levels and it will continue to have a ripple effect for quite some time.  WSET is still the best when it comes to wine education. WSET provides a solid foundation for learning all aspects of wine service, storage, food pairing, and even hospitality. WSET is a program that is primarily academic and recommended for those who want to earn the Master of Wine title.