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What is a Stretch Ceiling System?

Stretch ceiling consisting of two basic components – a perimeter profile and a featherweight polyvinyl chloride membrane that is stretched and installed in the track. 

In addition to ceilings, this system can also be used to create wall, ceiling and mural applications, suspended 3D panels, or stand-alone elements.

The stretch ceiling system allows the installation of all kinds of lighting fixtures, louvers, sprinklers, etc. Using their own background support. 

This stunning ceiling can be installed almost anywhere, available in a variety of stretch ceiling colors and made from eco-friendly materials.

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Our material is made of PVC, a fully recyclable elastic membrane 0.2mm thick. 

This material is available in a variety of colors and finishes including matte, satin, lacquered, metallic, perforated and translucent for lighting, backlighting, and extension diffusers. 

We recently launched a range of non-PVC cones available in a variety of colors, light coatings and diffusers and mirror fabrics known as Stretch Reflect track.

Typically the PVC or Aluminium or Semi-covered track is the preferred choice for most builders and artists, enabling curves, domes, vaults and many other shapes to be formed with ease.

The material can be printed or painted for added effect, is completely waterproof, washable and water-resistant.