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What is a bollard used for? 4 Primary uses for bollards.

Bollards are a great way to protect storefronts and pedestrians from damage to vehicles by either suggesting impenetrability or by making a truly impenetrable barrier. We can however consider the use of a bollard more precisely.

Standard Bollards block the flow of traffic.

It is commonplace for parking streets and parking lots to require a permanent separation from other traffic zones or pedestrian zones. For example, there could be work zones that are close to parking lots however they must be secured from cars. Also, there could be streets designed exclusively for bikers and walkers.

Bollards that block temporary traffic.

A variety of situations require an interruption in traffic flow for a short period or even a scheduled blockage. Some cities permit their main streets to allow traffic to pass on days of the week, and pedestrians during weekends. Other streets could be closed to traffic according to the hours of business or on seasonality.

Bollards to communicate to raise recognition.

Although they’re not robust enough to prevent traffic, a number of bollards are used to provide visual indicators of the areas where traffic is permitted to travel. They can be constructed from tough yet lightweight plastics, and then decorated with reflective tape or safety coloring. These lightweight bollards on bike lanes, for example.

Multi-purpose bollards.

If you have to line a whole walkway or bike path with bollards for safety it is common sense to install the structures to provide more functionality. For instance, bollards equipped with lighting can improve the visibility and security of bicyclists and pedestrians without the requirement for costly lamps for the outside.

When it comes to bicycle paths, it will not require much effort to convert the security bollard to one that can be used for bicycle locks, however, an ordinary bollard post is not able to be used to do this safely.