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What are the common skin conditions that runners get?

Many skin disorders could affect your feet and many general skin conditions that affect the whole body might be much worse in the feet because of the use of shoes and particularly the loads which runners place on the feet.


Blisters are frequent about the feet of runners. These are generally because of superficial chaffing from the running footwear on distinct locations which leads to your skin layers getting split up. This will frequently be on the toes or even the rear of the calcaneus. Almost all runners are incredibly experienced with blisters. The best way to handle blisters is usually to not get a blister to start with. Ensure the athletic shoes fit appropriately and use a lubricant upon areas of high rubbing. There are lots of friction reducing tapes or pads which athletes can use in order to avoid blisters whenever they occur often. If a blister does occur, then make sure it is covered and cushioned to allow for it to get better.

Corns and Callus

Corns and calluses are caused by to much pressure on a spot. This frequently is due to the shoes not fitting properly or there is some deformity triggering higher load such as a hammer toe or bunion. Corns and calluses are simple and easy to take out. A skillful foot doctor will be able to remove them with debridement. What's not so straightforward is to prevent corns and calluses re-occurring. Corns do not have roots which they grow back from that the podiatrist could not take out. It's really a widespread misconception that corns have roots. Corns and calluses invariably come back when the cause is simply not eliminated and that cause will be the excessive pressure around the spot. That pressure could very well be reduced by, by way of example, surgical treatment to take care of a hammer toe or hallux valgus. Foot orthotics should help alleviate pressure on plantar surface of the foot if there are calluses present.