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Tips For Trade Show Rentals

You have more options and can change your booth at every expo with trade show rentals. It is possible to rent almost any component of a booth, including portable pop-ups and completely customized looks.

Why is it important to update your displays often? Customers will often visit you at multiple expos to check out what's new. It is important to have the ability to display new products and services, as well as a modern look. Why should they stop by if you have the same thing every time? You can rent different 30′ x 30′ trade booth rentals every time and customize them according to your business needs.

30x30 Trade Show Rental Booth

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Your company can rent trade show structures to be flexible and change as needed, showing that you are up-to-date with new innovations. It is simply not economically feasible to buy new components for every trade show.

If you rent exhibits, you don't need to clean them after each show. The exhibits are brand new from the vendor and ready for use. You don't need to store bulky booth exhibits at trade shows if they're rented. Instead, the vendor will ship your rental exhibits before the show and you return them afterward.

Renting exhibits more often than three to four times per year may make it more economical to buy a portable booth setup that can be re-used for every show. To determine if renting exhibits multiple times per year is more cost-effective than buying portable displays, you can map out the costs of each option.