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The Process Of Claiming Insurance For A Damaged Roof After Storm

Does your area is prone to storms and hail? If that is the case, then the roof of your house experiences a lot of damage from time to time. If you often pay a lot for repairing the damaged roof of your house, then you should know that you could get your roof insured. Let’s discuss how the process of insurance claims work.

How to claim insurance for a roof damaged in a storm?

After a storm passes and it is safe to walk on the roof to detect the damage, then you should take a camera along to record all the damages, which could be broken or missing shingles, missing or broken tiles, jammed gutters and many more. You should document the date and time of the video recording to access it easily later. Once the documentation is done, you should contact a reputed roofing company that knows how to deal with insurance claims to get a roof inspection done to find out storm-related damages to the roof. A professional roofer is equipped to perform a thorough inspection of the roofing materials.

Once the damage is detected and documented, you should make temporary repairs to protect your property from further damage. You should place waterproof tarps over the damaged sections of the roof. Make sure to keep the receipts of all materials purchased. Don’t dispose of damaged parts until an adjuster has taken a look at them.

The most serious losses will be given priority by an adjuster, but an insurance agent will take care of everything. It may take a few days or weeks for your claim to approve, and once it does, you will get 50% of the claim for the first time and the rest will come after a few weeks. But, you will be paid for the damages incurred to the roof of your house.