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The Main Purpose Of Shock Absorbers Or Dampers

The main function of the shock absorber is to control the vibration of the spring after the wheel passes bumps and slopes on the road. Vehicle springs completely absorb road shocks. The function of the spring is to allow the tire to be in continuous contact with the road surface.

Stroke Stiffness:

Like springs, the front shock absorber can be too violent. If the impact is harder than the spring, the spring is overcome and does not fulfill its shock-absorbing function.


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Shocks also have a big impact on how fast the weight is moved during dynamic changes caused by acceleration, braking, and turns. The harder the impact, the faster the load is moved. This helps the car to have very responsive control. However, the transmission can be too fast for the driver.

Especially during cornering, the driver must be able to perform load shifts smoothly and feel that the tires are achieving maximum traction. If the weight is shifting too fast, the driver will not feel the tires coming close to their overturning and will likely overtake the tire resulting in excessive slippage or turns.

Vibration Control:

If the vibration spring damping was instantaneous, the car would have better control over the weight transfer speed but it would be difficult to drive. On the other hand, if the moisturizer is a little slower and allows 2 to 3 oscillations, the ride will feel much smoother. The impact of the vehicle on the springs causes volatile changes in the contact area of the tire and the mechanical compressive force on the tire. Both conditions reduce effective traction.