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The Health Benefits of Bubble Tea In Tea Hous West Palm

If you are a fan of bean tea, also known as bubble tea, you probably know the terms "tapioca balls" and/or "bean pearls." If you are not familiar with such a term, you might want to know that tapioca balls are the main ingredient of the very popular Taiwanese drink, bubble tea. There are many tea cafes in West Palm that provide bubble tea, you can click over here to know about them.

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At first, bean/bubble tea became a delicious sensation and treat among Taiwanese children. Boba / Bubble Tea is known by many other names, depending on which part of the world you are in …

Below are some of the many names that make Boba tea famous:

  • Pearl tapioca drink

  • Black Pearl

  • Pearl shake

  • Pearl

  • Pearl milk

You should also know that tea-based drink additives – Boba Pearls – can also be added to coffee, liqueurs, and smoothies!

In short, bobs are tapioca pearls roughly the size of a marble. They consist of a neutral taste which is usually described as chewy or sticky. They are made from tapioca flour, which comes from the roots of cassava.

Tapioca pearls are white and slightly transparent or black, depending on the material used. As mentioned earlier – white tapioca pearls are made from extracts of starch, caramel or chamomile. 

Bubble Tea is available in a variety of tea flavours and styles. Most often the bubbles are milk or fruit based. You can add a variety of fruits to your boba tea, which will make your drink healthier.