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Some Ways to Avoid Delay For Home Insurance Claim

When you file a claim with homeowner’s insurance, the saying “Haste makes waste” can be applied. Delays and denials are common when you file a claim without following certain steps. 

It is best to not file your claim randomly. These are steps that you can follow to avoid a delay in filing your claim. You can search online to hire the best insurance adjuster via

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  1. Be Prompt
    Report your claim promptly. As you work with your insurance adjuster throughout the life of your claim, you should be consistent and prompt in responding to all inquiries. 

However, you shouldn’t reply before you are certain about the information you are providing. Don’t hesitate to contact an adjuster if you feel that too much time has passed without hearing back about a question.

  1. Get Organized
    Get a 3-ring binder to organize all your paperwork. You will need to organize your paperwork into sections for the following: dwelling loss, inventory and contents loss, loss of living space, and miscellaneous expenses. 

Make sure you include all receipts and photos detailing any losses. A separate section is called a claim diary. This allows you to keep detailed notes (names and titles, as well as phone numbers) about any conversations with your adjuster. All verbal agreements and conversations must be confirmed in writing or via email.