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Slurry Pumps and Their Important Components

As with many pump tasks, both rotary and positive-displacement pumps can be utilized. The following are some of the aspects to consider when selecting the type of heavy duty slurry pumps. However, always check with specialist pump suppliers before making a final decision.

Centrifugal pumps

The most common pumps generally in use are centrifugal pumps. When specifying this type of pump, as a minimum, the following must be considered:

Impeller type

A recessed impeller type can be used, the design minimizes contact between the particles and the impeller thereby minimizing wear on the impeller whilst being gentle on the particles. Open impeller types can be used, as they are generally easier to clean and maintain. Closed impellers are often regarded as having the best efficiency but can be difficult to clean.

Casing type

Metal casings can be used. These may be lined with rubber for added protection or as a sacrificial wear part. Split casings can also be considered, but these can be expensive. The thickness should have a suitable wear allowance.


Slurry centrifugal pumps should have larger clearances than pure liquid pumps, to allow solids to pass through but also to reduce the velocity within the pump, thereby minimizing wear.

These are just some of the things to consider when selecting a centrifugal pump for a slurry duty. In direct liaison with a pump vendor, the designer must choose the best options for their system. They should also consider any impact on the shaft and seals, and ensure there will be no issues with cavitation.