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Should You Hire an Insurance Agency Producer?

I read a blog about insurance agents entitled "I want prospects the way I want my morning coffee" by John Scranton, former insurance agent sales manager, or "agent manufacturer" in their jargon. The point of the article is that John misses a quality customer as much as he longs for a good cup of coffee.  If you are looking for the best information about title company in NJ then you are at the right place.

Should You Hire an Insurance Agency Producer?

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John is not alone in this endeavor. In general, all traders strive for high-quality results to increase time efficiency and close relationships.

This process is often referred to as a sales funnel or sales pipeline. The theory is quite simple; if you pour high-quality water into the top of the funnel for sale, more seals will leak from the bottom of the funnel.

According to John and other manufacturers, filling the top of their funnel can be a difficult process. This is why so many new insurance dealer dealers fail.

They are not sneaky traders and can't fill the top of their channels. A perspective that does not meet the conditions above always means an inadequate result below. Why did insurance agents or other B2B companies stop investing in marketing? I think there are several reasons.

Cost of Selling: When agents pay producers a $ 50,000 base salary and contribute to health care, overheads, and certain expenses, they're close to investing $ 100,000 per year. Besides, marketing that $ 15,000 investment looks like a bigger bill.

Some C-level executives at small companies don't believe in marketing. In the realm of insurance agents, many still view cold conversations and personal networks as conduits.