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Reason Why to Choose Stone Countertops in Austin

One of the best countertop solutions for you is natural stone. In addition to low costs and instant styling upgrades, countertops in California have a wide variety of stone designs and types to choose from, so getting what you want should be easy.

If you have kids and are concerned about bathroom amenities, especially kitchens and countertops, this is an even bigger reason to go for granite countertops. The reason is that granite is one of the best materials in terms of absorption for cleaning and waste disposal.

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What does it mean? This means granite doesn't hold microbes and bacteria as hard as other surfaces. This makes granite easy to clean and safer for you and your family's health because renovating granite surfaces is easier and more efficient. This stems from a test by the Institute of Technology and Management for the Hospitality Industry.

The test exposes various surfaces to E. coli bacteria, then cleans it and applies a vinegar solution as an antiseptic for the home version. The number of bacteria removed from E. coli was then counted and recorded to see which surface count removed the most bacteria. The surfaces tested are granite, plastic, stainless steel, concrete, tile, wood, and laminates.

The result: granite comes first only after washing and cleaning. This means that on any surface, granite has removed most of the bacteria from its surface. After applying the vinegar solution, granite is second only to stainless steel. And what can you get out of it? This means granite surfaces are one of the best materials when you need to keep kitchens and countertops clean.

So if you are really concerned about the sanitary conditions in your home, especially in an area where food is prepared and received, one of your best solutions is to make stone countertops, especially granite countertops