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Publishing Your Book- Hiring an Agent Vs Self-Publishing

You're considering publishing your book. Great! You may be wondering if you should hire someone to do the traditional route or if you should look into self-publishing. For self-publishing online, authors can seek help from companies like

This article will help you make an informed decision on what is best for you.

Self-Publishing in 2015 vs. Hiring an Agent

I could write an entire book (or three) on this subject, but I know your time is valuable, so I'm going to keep it short and sweet for you.


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When to Hire a Professional Agent

Here's a list of times to hire an agent to assist you with your novel.

You Just Love Writing

If the idea of websites, social media, marketing, and other tasks frighten or bore you, take a serious look at hiring an agent to find a publisher for your novel.

You Are Brand New

A good editor is worth many times their weight in gold. While you can hire one on your own, an agent will be able to direct you to someone in your genre who is in your price range.

When to Self-Publish Your Novel

Here's a list of times you should consider self-publishing.

Beautiful Covers Will Make You Happy

If you don't like designing covers, but still want to make your novel stand out, self-publishing may be right for you.

You Are Ready to Work Hard

If you look at self-publishing success stories online then one thing is common: they consistently provide high-quality content.

You Understand Social Media

Self-publishing success requires you to be able to use social media to your advantage. Even if you are signed with a major publisher, an old-school book agent might not be able to help you.

A New Golden Age for Writers

The 21st century is poised to be another golden age for writers if you haven’t noticed. Today's writers have the power to control their publishing destiny, unlike the days of pulp fiction magazines and dime novels. It is powerful in every way.

Great power comes with great responsibility. The self-publishing crown is heavy! Although the road to self-publishing is difficult and dangerous, it's worth it if you enjoy writing and reading and are able to market your books.