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Orientation To Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Of Amputees

Amputation can be a devastating blow to anyone physically as well as psychologically. To assist a person cope with losing a limb, a team of professionals with training is employed with a doctor, prosthetist, a psychologist, and nurses. In order to help an amputee recover the services of a physiotherapist are also needed.

As a person adjusts to life with no leg, a physiotherapist can be nearly essential in the recovery process. The amputee is faced with various physical and physiological issues.

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There are also Phantom pains, which are pains that appear to originate from the limb that has been removed, but as the limb is still present. These are emotional responses that require physiotherapy to combat and manage them.

Prosthetic limbs are an essential item for amputees in the majority of cases. While it's a widespread belief that learning to use it is sufficient but many don't realize just how difficult it is to adjust to an unfamiliar device.

Many amputees have worn prosthetic limbs over the years, but are unable to be able to function normally. These situations highlight the necessity of rehabilitation for amputees.

The prosthetic limb could be made more comfortable through the help of physiotherapy. Therapy helps a person become comfortable with the new prosthetic limb. The procedure to be followed by the patient for this adjustment is dependent on the individual's needs and capabilities.

Physical therapists can instruct amputees as part of the rehabilitation process and, once the limp is disguised the fight is won.