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IFS Therapy A Cutting Edge Approach To Self Awareness And Healing

IFS or Internal Family System is a therapeutic method developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, in the last 2+ decades. He believed that each of us contains an internal collection of "parts" or sub-personalities that break down over time and for various reasons.

Some of the so-called outcasts hide deep pain, fear, and shame. This "outcast" is locked into our psyche by another part of the "manager" to keep the outcast's strong emotions out of sight of the public. The IFS injury treatment helps to manage these parts.

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Then you have firefighters, whose job it is to protect the outcasts from the intensity of their feelings by pouring hot flames as soon as they arrive. Unluckily, as we age and move away from the source of emotions, these "fire fighting" can do more harm than good.

The goal of IFS therapy is to reintegrate these parts into a healthy, functioning whole beneath the inner self. According to the internal family system approach, the self is the storehouse of our best qualities: perspective, guidance, trust, compassion, and acceptance.

The essential order of the IFS is there are no bad parts. Each part, when aligned with itself, plays a very positive role in our overall integration. We are complex creatures and IFS provides us with the opportunity to understand our souls clearly and fully as we work to solve ingrained emotional problems.

IFS promises that this is a method for

  • Know yourself more deeply

  • Reveal hidden motivations and conflicts and yes

  • Heal the hurt.