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How To Treat Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats are one of the most frequent houseplant pests that we receive questions about. They can also be a problem for many homeowners when it comes to houseplant care. The gnats (of the Mycetophilidae or Sciaridae families) feed on soil that contains small amounts of fungi and decaying material.

Minor infestations of fungus bugs can quickly multiply and cause havoc in indoor gardens. Hence there is a need to get rid of it by taking the help from professional pest control services such as environmentalfactor.

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While adult fungus gnats aren't harmful to plants or bite people, larvae can cause damage to roots and stunt growth if they continue to infest.

Multiple methods can be used to treat fungus gnats. They are easy to deal with little attention and care.

The soil layer is where fungus gnats are found. They can only thrive in moist and wet environments. The adult fungus gnats live only for about one week. However, the eggs they lay for three days will remain in the soil until they hatch into nymphs. Nymphs will then live in the soil for approximately two weeks before developing wings.

Fungus gnats can be a problem because they are difficult to detect and hide in the soil. They can also pass unnoticed from the nursery to the plant retailer to your home.

Fungus gnats can be a problem in warmer months, as they can easily get in through windows (even a screen window) due to their small size.

If you have kept plants for a long time, chances are that you have dealt with them. However, because they only thrive in certain conditions, they can be treated easily so long as they don't grow out of control.