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How to Learn Japanese Effectively With Textbooks and Blogs

When it comes to learning Japanese, we have textbooks and various online blogs. Both seem like great study materials. Textbooks are boring but organized. Blogs are interesting but random. So what do I need to learn Japanese effectively? The answer is BOTH. To learn Japanese effectively, we need to use textbooks and blogs. 

We use Japanese online journal textbooks first that are well researched and include edited material, with items organized to give you a good overall concept. This is where you start building your foundation. When we want to learn a language, we start with the basics. 

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Grammatical rules. For example, in English we learn "I am, you are, he is, they are, etc." However, we learn Japanese (ha (wa), ga, wo, ni, ne, etc. The need to memorize these rules usually makes textbooks boring, but it is part of an unbiased learning process that we must master.

Now that we know all the grammar rules, what next? Once we get the basics down, the rest is mostly a matter of exposure. Just because you know what a textbook is, doesn't mean you know how to use it. It's almost like a university degree, but you still don't know how to apply this knowledge.

This is when we need to gain experience and there is no better place to get experience than real life blogs written by different people in the community. Gain experience by learning how the same topic can be told in many ways. Learn from blogs and see how they express their actions, feelings and perceptions. Isn't that what we usually express in life?