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How to Get a Toddler to Stop Using a Pacifier

Some parents reject the idea of their child using a pacifier – usually for aesthetic reasons like anything else – and prefer to have their thumbs or fingers suck on. Others think of pacifiers as their saviors and devices they can't think of.

Some of the parents in the second group would originally be the first, but they may succumb to the undeniable lure of an instant pacifier that doesn't require breasts! You can purchase thumb sucking guard which is recommended by Pediatric Dentists for thumb sucking prevention in children.

The babies themselves will have strong personal preferences. Some babies seem to have a special need for "undernourished" breastfeeding.

  • The comfort of a pacifier can be addictive – rest assured that some young children will be able to go to school happily with a pacifier in their pocket if social inconveniences and parental pressure to give up after the puerperium are not considered.
  • Other little ones don't like pacifiers, no matter how excited their mom and dad are about having them. It's easy to find out if your child is one of them.
  • While this is easier in theory than practical, you should try to limit your use of a pacifier whenever possible, no matter what type you use.
  • Limiting sleep periods is a good rule of thumb, but be prepared that it can be tempting to break this principle any time you encounter an abusive child.
  • In the long term, it should be remembered that there is evidence that young children who become heavily dependent on pacifiers develop speech skills more slowly than other young children.