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How to Get a Good Tan

Many people are eager to get their skin tanned, but due to the negative consequences of tanning and ignorance, they are unable to determine how to achieve excellent tanning. 

It is undisputed that well-tanned skin makes one look good and sophisticated, and as well, it gives a more toned and healthier appearance to the individual. You can also visit a tanning salon near you for well-tanned skin.

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There is nothing like "safe tanning" however, people continue to opt for it due to reasons of some kind or the other. It is essential to adhere to the correct rules and guidelines whenever you decide to apply tanning products to your skin.

Tanning can be accomplished through exposure to the sun or by using tanning beds. If you're looking to tan through exposure to the sun's rays, you must follow a few steps that will allow you to achieve a great shade. 

The first thing to do is cleanse the skin using the aid of a loofah or exfoliating wash. This can help get rid of dead skin. The new, fresh skin beneath will keep tanning in a more effective method. 

It is recommended to use suntan lotion that is SPF between 8, and 10. It is essential your sun lotion contains moisturizing ingredients in it. Macadamia oil from nuts and Aloe Vera is a good alternative as they keep your skin moisturized and prevents sunburns.

The process of tanning in the sun is most effective If you select the area with the most sun and is at ease. The most ideal place to get tanned is at the beach.