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How To Comfortably Wear A Virtual Reality Headset

Comfort is critical when learning, especially with VR technology. A VR training program offers an immersive experience that many learners may not have experienced before. By putting on a headset, learners with glasses on may feel burdened by the hardware.

The main area of concern that could cause discomfort stems from the width of the learner’s glasses. Different headsets have different clearances, which indicates the amount of space between the lenses on the headset and lenses on the glasses of the learner. If you are looking for more about oculus quest 2 lenses & prescription lenses adapter, you can also check out this source: oculus quest 2 lenses & prescription lenses adapter for quest 2.

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Take extra time to adjust the headset straps 

Before putting on their headset, learners should take extra time to adjust their headset straps and make sure it comfortably rests on their face. 

Consider buying spacers that provide more depth 

With a spacer, learners simply take out the inner cushion in the headset and replace it with a plastic spacer that creates more depth. Most headsets come with a spacer to make extra room for a learner’s glasses. 

Use clip-in insert lenses 

The quality of a VR experience is affected by the resolution level and pixel count it was developed in. Most VR experiences are developed at 8k resolution for both eyes, so the quality of the program itself is high. 

Blurriness within the VR experience typically stem from issues related to the placement, cleanliness, and alignment of a learner’s glasses.