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How To Choose Best Artificial Floor Option For Home

There are many important tips for the installation of wooden floors, but the first must always choose the right board. There are many hardwood available for consumers, and choosing one to fit your specific needs is very important. 

After choosing artificial hardwood (Also Known as “ ไม้เนื้อแข็งเทียม “ in the Thai Language), it’s time to measure the room you want to place on the floor. Square footage is obtained by measuring the length of the room and multiplying with width. 

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Next, the agenda will check your sub-floor. The minimum requirements of 3/4 plywood “will be necessary. Make sure the floor is free from debris before starting by thoroughly sweeping and cleaning the area.

Next, you need to invest in several types of vapor barrier paper. This requirement to be 15 lb. It doesn’t cost a lot and will keep moisture of the floor away from your wood. 

This will keep the wooden floor from swelling and shrinking quite so badly due to changes in weather. Now you can start the wooden floor installation. 

Choose a long board to start the first row, and let yourself 3/8 “away from the pole base to allow swelling and shrinking of wood. This will give you a nice and solid anchor for the floor.