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How To Choose A Raised Access Floor?

Want to get out of the conventional floor and want to go for something new for your floor? If yes, try the access floor lifted. The access floor is intended for different feet nuances, something will definitely make you feel better.
‘The raised access floor’ (Also known as ‘พื้นทางขึ้น’ in the Thai language) is the most popular among so many varieties available on the market. The floor lifted is just another type and this makes a good choice if some cables or cables are used on your floor.

Raised floor - Wikipedia

Some points are mention that how to choose the access floor :

1. Select the type of wooden core floor which is raised if you feel the foot is better preferred. Unlike laminate floors, wooden core surfaces are not strong abrasion-resistant. So the surface must be covered with antistatic HPL or PVC tiles that are resistant to strong.

Select HPL, PVC type, or carpet borne if a more beautiful display is needed for the type of cement infill panel. Select the type of perforation if ventilation for the floor is preferred.

2. Set the heaviest facility weight in the computer room as a minimum loading capacity to avoid damage to the access floor which is increasing during everyday use.

Familiar with the necessary specifications such as concentrated load, uniform load, ultimate burden, system resistance, high base, and wear-resistant to ensure the selected floor meets every standard.

3. Surface floor access lifts must be strong abrasion resistant, strong moisture-resistant, anti-slip, environmentally friendly, strong, and clean corrosion resistance.

4. Calculate the total area of ​​the room and then exercise the amount needed from the access floor and related accessories such as cable boxes, lifting, pedestal, stringers, etc.