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How To Choose A Bail Bonds Services

You or someone you love may be arrested at some point and have to post bail. This can happen due to an accident, false arrest or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is not a good idea to wait until the trial to be held in jail.

A judge will determine a bail amount for defendants. It is possible to get them released by cash or surety. These two methods have clear differences, so everyone should be aware of them before proceeding. You can also get bail bonds assistance if you do not know much about bail criteria.

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Cash is the Best Way to Get Out

This is a simple process. The amount that a defendant must be released is $50,000. If this amount is paid in cash, the defendant can be released. The money is held as collateral until the court decides.

The money is then returned to the bank after the case has been concluded and all court appearances have been completed.

The Common Route: Surety

Many people don't have $50,000 and choose to use a bail bonds company instead. The defendant will typically pay 10 percent to a bondsman for the bond amount. In return, the bondsman will contribute the entire amount to the defendant's release. The total bail amount will be returned after the trial ends, but the bondsman will retain the 10 percent as payment.