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How Does A Paint Booth Work?

A paint booth works by manipulating the principles of negative and positive air pressure. Spray painting booth ventilation relies on the balance of the exhaust fan and the air replacement fan.

  • If only the exhaust fan is turned on, the cab absorbs negative pressure as more air is exhausted than is being supplied. You can also browse online to know about paint booths for vehicles in CA.
  • With only the loading fan running you will get positive air pressure inside the cab and an effort will be made to push the air out when the door is open. Dirt and grime is removed, which makes the interior cleaner.

The Finishing System has a variety of booth configurations to meet the needs of businesses of all types. We offer:

Paint booth: The downstream chamber is the best approach for removing residual spray. Air moves under and around the construction site and into the vents below where the exhaust fans operate.

Side Flow Paint Booth: In this type of chamber, fresh air exits the ceiling and exits to the exhaust pipe on the side wall. It still offers airflow which mainly moves downward in environments where the orifice is not feasible.

Semi-descending paint booth: Instead of drawing air directly under the object to be painted, the semi-descending chamber has exhaust air openings in the corners. This solution also works for locations without holes.

Cross flow paint booth: Cross flow paint booth uses horizontal airflow from front to back. This is one of the cheapest options for organizations that can't dig holes.