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How Can You Make Your Workplace or Business More Secure With CCTV and Other Systems?

From a safety standpoint, and in relation to the inherent risks to your assets and employees, there are various threats to companies. This article sheds light on some possible dangers and discusses how they may be reduced, or removed altogether.

While the probability of theft may be an external threat for many organizations, primarily by unknown men and women, others face the harder tasks of obtaining big premises, third-party resources and managing hundreds of employees. Thus, the dangers of theft from outside the business can be investigated and measures could be taken to ensure the outside of the assumptions (using commercial CCTV, access control, intruder alarms, etc.) handling the risks from inside the organization can be challenging. 


In other cases, CCTV and access control will be the most suitable way to reduce theft or risk and again prevent visitors and employees from attempting to illegally take property or goods from the website. If this is the case, CCTV systems may be made to cover high-risk places, with covert cameras being used if needed.

Areas can be limited by time, meaning that control cards or tokens will only grant access if wanted. Many companies chose to integrate their access control and CCTV systems to capture an individual's image with an access control market. Even though it is not recognized as an industry standard, it does offer an additional layer of protection for organizations that are hesitant to execute biometrically controlled access.

Another benefit of a well-designed CCTV system is that it presents a far more cost-effective method of monitoring the premises for hours, certainly in comparison to manned guards or safety guards.