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Hard Wood Flooring

Wood floors are always very popular. Wood floors are also carried out in customized patterns such as borders, medals, motifs, hand pressure, paintings, mixed media, and stains.

With advanced technology, wood floors have become very affordable, and very easy to care for. Oak has become very popular in recent years. Cherry, White Oak, Birch, and Maple are other popular forests.

‘Glass raised access wood floors’ (also known as ‘พื้นไม้ยกกระจก‘ in the Thai language) can be categorized as not finished, pre-finished, acrylic, infused, solid and engineered, based on the type of manufacturing process used.

6 Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

The main aspects that must be considered when installing wood floors are common colors type of wood floor ; Where the floor will be installed; What the floor will be placed on and so on. Other important things to consider are budget, type of space, traffic and furniture in the room, style and wall design and furniture, etc.

There are many types of wood species for floors: red oak, white oak, white, walnut, birch, ash, maple, red maple, cherry, pear, plum, bamboo, beech, hickory, pine, hickory, jarresh, tamarindo, cherry american, teak, and more.

Various styles of hardwood floors are parquet, board and strip. There is also a wood floor that has been finished and has not finished available. Wood floors also depend on class, cut, dimensions, patterns and colors.

Wood floors are relatively very easy to care for. For proper maintenance, do not use wax and other scrubs; Use carpets to prevent dust and dirt that can cause scratches; Don’t slide heavy furniture on wood floors; Use moisturizers to avoid wood and depreciation movements; Don’t walk with barbed shoes or high heels; and prevent exposure to the sun because this can improve the oxidation process and cause the floor to be faster.