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Comparison of Outdoor TV Options

When planning an outdoor TV or digital signage display, you have 3 comparison options: standard TV, weatherproof TV, and outdoor TV housing. I'll try to give you a quick overview of the possibilities. We recommend doing some research to make sure you understand the options and make the right choice for your application. You can buy outdoor TV cabinet at

Companies supplying outdoor kitchens, outdoor furniture, outdoor entertainment, and landscaping have seen a market that continues to grow over the past decade. We are moving to a more temperate climate to be able to enjoy nature longer. 

During my 20-year career in home and commercial entertainment products, outdoor television displays have become a basic standard item in every home for a minority of wealthy customers. 

The desire to expand your outdoor living space, watch a game while grilling a burger, or maybe watch a late-night movie while relaxing on your patio is the driving force in expanding your outdoor living products. Going back to my initial experience with outdoor TVs, the only option we had was to choose a cheap TV, do our best to protect it from the elements, and go for the best in terms of durability and expectations. 

Some TV manufacturers have introduced protective outer covers, but the prices are very high, and again only for the rich. When you combine the high cost of plasma or LCD televisions with the high cost of television bodies, the price becomes prohibitive for all but a few customers.