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Clear Aligner Dental Braces

Clear aligners are easy to use for individual needs. These aligners are very easy to use and can last for up to six months. Smile with confidence and show off a perfectly aligned look with Invisalign, available at Kinross Drive Dental. If you have crooked teeth, gapped teeth, or a misaligned bite, it’s the perfect discreet solution.

Importance of Maintaining Good Oral Health - Markham 7 Dental

It is amazing to see how these aligners work. This is where a series of aligners are built around your teeth. This involves the initial molding of your teeth. Then, a series of aligners will be created that will show the gradual movements of your teeth. Once these aligners have been handled, a person can begin to use them.

Every aligner used in this process has a clear build. This is something that is almost invisible. This is the best thing about dental braces.

An aligner creates relatively low pressure. An aligner is used to apply pressure to the teeth to cause them to move in the right places. This isn't going to cause any pain.

An average aligner will last for two to three weeks. A new aligner will then be used after this period. The aligner chosen will be more in line with the desired alignment. It will be easier for aligners to work quickly if a client has the correct schedule.

It is important to note that these braces can be removed if necessary. The aligners can be removed from the teeth if one is eating or going to a business event.

It is important to know that the materials used for braces are not for more severe cases. Clear aligners can be used for minor cases that can be managed in a matter of six months. For more severe cases, another option is to use dental braces.