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Choosing Golf Clubs in Cumberland

Regardless of the brand, in your wildest dreams do you think that the pros play the same clubs you purchase in a store? Pros can have their endorsed golf clubs modified in any way that they like as long as they keep the brand name on the clubs intact.

I am aware of big-name brands that actually have special casting molds prepared for their endorsing players and use a different steel composition along with any lie/loft, weight, bounce angle, etc. modifications that the endorsing player prefers.

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Shafting is also up to the preference of the endorsing pro and can be vastly different from what the brand name offers to the public. 

This includes club length which is significant. An interesting side note, although the golf industry only offers varying length irons to the public, the next time that you watch a golf tournament on television take a close look at the player's bags as the camera pans and you will notice that in many cases the irons all stick out at the same height.

You can also compare the same player hitting a #5 iron on one hole and a #9 iron on another and you can virtually overlap these images and find them to be exactly the same. This is the best-kept secret in golf.

I have been asked many times over the past fifteen years how I came up with the concept of single-length golf clubs. The fact is that I did not come up with the concept at all since at one time it was the standard in the golf industry.

I first became acquainted with the idea through an elderly gentleman whose father was in charge of MacGregor Golf Company's design team back in the 1920s and 1930s.