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Caring For Eyelash Extensions

They want lashes that are long, thoughtful, and curly and they get it thanks to natural lash extensions. Now, you can't wait to enjoy the fluttering look and keep forgetting that you have something on your natural lashes. Like other permanent makeup treatments, eyelash extensions also require gentle and loving care.

Because the extensions attach to natural lashes, they fall off in the natural lash cycle. A touch-up is needed every 4 to 6 weeks, but proper care will protect them from early separation. You can also look for eyelash extensions in CT through

Please pay attention to the following:

After the first 24 hours, you can wash and shower your face as usual. However, don't rub your eyes when they're wet or vice versa. Always tap them with a soft hand.

Make it a habit to shorten your lashes when they're wet – with a lash comb or a clean mascara stick. You can even style it with a low-quality hairdryer if you wish.

Never use waterproof or even oily mascara on your lashes as they are very difficult to remove. You'll find that lashes don't need mascara at all. Also, if you want a mascara look, go for water. Mascara specially formulated for lash extensions is also available.

Avoid cosmetics that are oil-based or even moisturizing around the eye area, as these tend to break the glue that holds the natural lash extensions. This caused them to fail prematurely.

Let your beautician know that you have natural lash extensions so they can get the right treatment during a facial, scrub, laser, or other procedure.

In short, lash extensions should be handled with care. Minimal care quickly becomes a habit and benefits the delicate area around the eyes, even if you don't use lash extensions.