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Best Coffee For Coffee Lovers

Coffee is more than just a drink – it is community. Browsing some of the best coffee blogs will introduce you to the breadth and diversity of the world of coffee.

We all love drinks that really comfort us and this blog will help you achieve that. In our selection of some of the best coffee blogs we know (served in no particular order), you're sure to find new things to love about coffee. After knowing about coffee you can search about cafes like serenitygardentea to try coffee in West Palm Beach.

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The slogan for the coffee cantata "Coffee: music in a cup" describes Margaret's unpretentious approach to coffee connoisseurs. Their reviews of coffee are crossed based on geographic origin and method of preparation. The exact details of the extraction process such as temperature and coffee/water ratio are carefully recorded so you can repeat the experience at home. Her tasting notes are bright and fun and include thoughts on serving, such as how to pair it with milk.

Margaret, a professional musician, adds finesse to the art of tasting: "… take a sip of Ethiopian yrgachefe and you can never mistake the taste of Sumatra because you can never mistake Mozart for Shostakovich."

Its "off-topic" snippets also make for great reading while enjoying a fresh, delicately brewed cup of coffee.