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Assault and Battery: Its Legal Consequences

Most of us have learned about fees involving assault and battery life. We hear the information of husbands being charged with assault and battery life for beating his wife. But desire what's battery and assault in criminal law?

These crimes are the action of a criminal and non-consensual touching of the other person. Citizens of the nation should understand that these crimes are extremely severe and may result in significant legal consequences. Learn more about experienced assault and battery lawyer at

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What's Assault And Battery?

Concerning criminal law, battery and assault constitute a single crime. In tort law nonetheless, these are just two distinct crimes. Assault is the action of inciting fear of impending physical violence, and battery life is criminal and nonconsensual touching. In criminal law, a battery fee nearly always contains an attack.

These crimes have severe legal implications, namely:

  • A permanent criminal record
  • Jail time, probation, or parole based upon the seriousness of this offense
  • Hefty penalties
  • Reduction of right to carry firearms

The legal sentence with this particular criminal violation might depend on the following variables:

  • The Seriousness of the offense
  • The mindset of this court toward this Kind of crime
  • Prior convictions of those accused
  • Liabilities Toward The Victim

If you or anybody you know has been accused of Assault And Battery, then it's ideal to seek out the authorized services of a criminal defense lawyer. In doing this you are going to learn about your rights and your defense. If you're a victim of those crimes, you need to immediately notify the regional authorities, collect sufficient evidence, and talk to a respectable attorney.