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All You Need To Know About Manual Capsule Filling Machine

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, capsules became popular and a faster way to package capsules became necessary, which led to the invention of machines for filling capsules manually.

This machine is best suited for the needs of small and medium batch production and a wide variety of products can be produced in this process. You can also get information about top capsule filling machine suppliers via

Manual capsule fillers are capable of filling and sealing hard gelatin capsules containing powders and granules. On manually operated machines, the two capsule halves are separated and placed in the charging stand, and the front button is ticked. The empty capsules are poured with filler and then tightly closed.

After this step, the capsule body is brought to the same height as the filling surface. The powder to be filled is measured first, and the remaining ingredients are placed on the shelf. 

Capsules filled with powder. If necessary, the machine can even compress dust. After the capsules are filled with fillers, they move on to the next step, which seals the already filled capsules.

The capsules are then placed on the tray to exit the packaging machine. The vacuum and double shear methods are two commonly used methods of filling capsules.

Pharmacy is one of the main industries which have to produce such capsules daily. In this way, technological modernization shifted manual production to machine production.