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All The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

If you want to get rid of the unpleasant hair seen on the lips or hair under your arms, and you hate the side effects of shaving and waxing, then laser hair removal is the best choice for you. Laser treatment can be done almost anywhere in the body except on or around the eyelids.

During care, individual hair follicles are chosen to receive "ZAP" from the laser. Laser penetrates the skin, hitting follicles. Intense heat that radiates from the laser causes damage to the follicle and slows down hair growth. The laser epilation process brings many benefits to shaving, pickers and waxing which is usually done by most people every day.

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The first benefit is a small number of side effects offered by laser hair removal. Like all kinds of procedures, there are several, but they are usually mild and short-lived. Most patients will experience redness, skin irritation, or swelling around the area treated. However, this usually disappears after a few hours with the help of lotions, ice packages, or creams that can be delivered by a dermatologist.

Depending on the size of the area treated, the procedure itself usually lasts less than an hour, with some treatment only lasts fifteen minutes. This means the patient enters and exits the clinic in a minimum amount of time. The recovery time of this procedure is almost non-existent.

The biggest benefit of the laser hair removal is permanent hair loss which is ninety percent of patient experiences. Meanwhile, it does take some care to achieve this desired effect, most of the patients, because the quick process involves, not delayed by this and remains willing to continue their care until the hair loss becomes permanent in the area treated.