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All About CART Captioning Services

Real-time communication access (CART) translation is the process of converting speech to text by a third party (CART author). A trained CART writer or stenographer uses a keyboard or stenographer to transcribe spoken language into written text, which is then transmitted on a computer monitor or video screen for viewing.

Many subtitles feature remote and Internet CART writing, where the CART writer is not physically present at the event but can listen over the phone. CART services are often used for the deaf or hard of hearing in small and large group communication situations where verbal conversation is essential for effective communication.

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Although the main users of this service are the deaf and hard of hearing, CART is also used in many other places, e.g. Courts, large gatherings, group discussions, and more. The use of CART in place of the ASL interpreter is now questionable.

Well, the Centers for Disease Control estimates the number of deaf and hard of hearing people at around 37 million. Less than 2% of them use American Sign Language to communicate. Since most people with hearing loss don't understand or use ASL, a service like CART is a great alternative and an inexpensive way to get the message across.

While CART services are primarily used on-site, they can be provided as easily off-site and remotely as on-site. All you need for remote CART service is an internet connection to send audio broadcasts to our certified CART providers.