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About Installation Of Wooden Climbing Frame

Once you buy a wooden play tower, all you have to do is assemble it. Want to know how to install a playset? Looking for the best way to set up a climbing frame? You can find the best outdoor climbing frame via

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Consider the location of your climbing frames, the space that is required around them, and the anchoring.

How to install your climbing frame

The play area should not be used by children until it is clear of all obstacles and the play set has been installed. All hardware must have been checked and tightened.

Proper clothing and safety gear (e.g. safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask) are required when you drill, grind, stain, or assemble the playset, especially if it is made of pressure-treated timber.

Make sure you have all parts in order and place them in the most convenient places. These should be compared with the parts list.

How to position and locate your climbing frame – Surface and safe play area

The ground surface must be level. Your playset can be damaged if it is placed on sloping terrain. Leaning can cause stress to joints and connections, which in turn can lead to them becoming loose and eventually failing.

Safe play areas are defined as a 6-foot (200 cm) zone that extends beyond the playset. Injuries can occur if you fall on a hard surface. In the safe zone, place the ground cover.