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A Bunk Bed is Not Actually A Bunk

If you live in a student residence hall, you know that saving space is a major problem. You need a place for your books, a table and a place for your friends. Of Course, you also need a place for all the Animal House parties you want to host. 

This queen bed takes up a lot of space and on top of that, you have a roommate who likes to sleep naked. You can easily shop for the best full over queen bunk bed from any online store.

Full Over Queen Bunk Bed With Stairs White Williesbrewn Design Ideas from

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Why have a bunk bed? I'm not in 10 years!" Yes, it could be you (if only by heart). But even if you don't, do you really want to remain in the situation presented above? Above all, they are an economical way to save space and money.

Having one or two roommates can be a lot of fun for one or all students. However, finding a bed for everyone can be a daunting task, especially in the minimalist atmosphere of today's dorms. Fortunately, with the help of bunk beds, you can make room for everyone who lives in your dorm.

They take up little space and allow two people to get a good night's sleep without having to share a blanket or fight over them. Do you have two roommates? Don't worry, just get one of the versions with integrated modules. This way, three people can sleep well at night (and still have enough space to have fun during the day).