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A Brief Introduction About Honed Concrete

A very popular type is the honed concrete. It is also known as grind and seal concrete. This type of flooring is also known as grind and seal concrete due to the process involved. You need to understand the basics of honing concrete in order to better understand what honed concrete is. We remove the concrete's top layer and expose the aggregate beneath. To protect the surface, we apply a sealant or topical coating. The topcoat should give concrete a shiny finish.

The concrete sealant is absorbed into the concrete over time, which helps to keep it clean and impenetrable to all kinds of microorganisms. This is why polished cement flooring in Gold Coast is a great choice for residential and commercial properties. It is durable, requires little maintenance, and always looks better.

Honed Concrete

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What's the purpose of Honed Concrete?

The honed concrete is durable and slip-resistant. These characteristics make honed concrete a good choice for pool surrounds. It also complements stylish pool fencing and verandas. We can also say that honed cement is extremely hardy and strong. It can be used to make walkways, driveways, and porches as well as footpaths. You can also customize this type of flooring to suit your home and enhance its aesthetics.

What's the difference between polished and honed concrete?

Before you decide whether to use polished concrete or honed concrete, it is important to understand the differences between these flooring options. While there are many similarities between the two concrete flooring options we can confirm that there are also some differences. However, it is important to note the differences.

  • Different Sealers
  • Different Suitability
  • Different appearances and characteristics